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Unlocking the Secret to +300% User Retention Rates: A Dating App's Journey with Appranking

How does Appranking help a dating app like Zoosk achieve +300% User Retention Rates? Let's explore!


The dating app industry has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, driven by the increasing use of smartphones and the digitalization of relationships. As people seek convenience and meaningful connections, dating apps have become a popular choice. However, the industry faces challenges, including stiff competition, user retention, and catering to diverse user preferences.

App Story

Our client app is a popular dating app known for its user-friendly interface and innovative matchmaking technology. Launched in 2007, it quickly gained traction in the dating app market due to its unique approach to matching users based on behavioral data and user preferences. The app utilized a combination of user interactions, profile information, and machine learning algorithms to provide personalized matches and improve user experience.


Despite early success, the app encountered hurdles in retaining users and keeping them engaged. The development and promotion teams identified key challenges affecting user retention:

  • User Engagement: Many users signed up but didn't stay active, necessitating strategies to boost engagement and encourage regular app usage.
  • Competitive Landscape: Intense competition in the dating app market demanded unique approaches to stand out and retain a loyal user base.
  • User Experience Optimization: While the app had a user-friendly interface, there was scope for improvement in terms of navigation, personalization, and overall user experience.
  • User Churn: Some users churned due to mismatched recommendations or limited communication features, leading to frustration and disengagement.
  • App Monetization: Balancing revenue generation through premium features while delivering a valuable free experience posed a significant challenge.



The team partnered with us to address their user retention challenges.

Appranking is an app marketing and optimization platform specializing in app promotion, providing
Deep ASO, ASA Analytics & App Market Insights. We provided tailored solutions to enhance the user experience and boost retention rates:

get data without registration

App Research

We conducted thorough research first. We will display another dating app in the app market Zoosk due to privacy concerns. Without registration, just enter the app name, id, or other keywords, and the app profile will be displayed. All the metadata information is available. The visibility score is generated automatically based on the exposure of the app in the app store. The metadata information, as well as the rankings and reviews within a fixed time span, give our customers a distinct app performance situation.

zoosk-socail dating app


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After reviewing the app profile, you can access the ASO report, which automatically diagnoses your app's performance. This allows you to quickly identify any issues. Screenshots are a more effective way to entice users to download your app than text. It's essential to optimize your screenshots by providing a description for each one. Ensure that the first screenshot displays your app's best features because it will appear on the search results page. Localize the screenshots so that users from different countries can easily understand the app's features. Additionally, it's crucial to upload high-quality images with clear resolution.

zoosk aso report

Market Research

Once we have scanned the app profile, we move on to market research. By setting specific criteria such as category, platform, country, and device, we are able to generate a list of relevant keywords. Under the social networking category, the tool displays a list of top keywords and their corresponding top apps. This information can be useful in understanding the market landscape and identifying potential competitors.

market keywords

market keywords

Competitor Research

Once you have added recommended competitors, you can begin analyzing your keywords. Appranking provides several options for keyword analysis, such as shared keywords and unique keywords. By analyzing these metrics, you can identify which keywords are most relevant to your app and which ones you should consider adding to your metadata.

In addition to manual analysis, it also offers an intelligent recommendation feature that suggests relevant keywords based on your app's category, features, and other relevant factors. This can save time and help ensure that you have a comprehensive list of relevant keywords.

Overall, by leveraging these keyword analysis tools and recommendations, you can improve your app's visibility in the app store and increase the likelihood of attracting new users.

competitor analysis

User Experience Enhancements

The app recognizes the importance of user experience in retaining users and has implemented various improvements based on recommendations from Appranking. One major change is the complete transformation of the onboarding process, which now provides a seamless and personalized experience for new users. By collecting relevant information during registration, the app can offer tailored recommendations and matches based on individual user preferences.

To increase user engagement, the app has introduced a range of exciting features, such as real-time messaging, interactive games, and personalized activity suggestions. These additions aim to encourage users to spend more time on the app and foster connections with other users.

Furthermore, users can create comprehensive profiles by integrating their social media accounts and utilizing additional personalization options. This empowers users to showcase their personality and interests, which significantly improves the chances of finding compatible matches.

Gamification elements such as rewards, badges, and achievements have been incorporated into the app to create a sense of accomplishment and encourage users to explore its features.

Finally, the app employs a targeted push notification strategy to promptly notify users about unread messages, contests, and upcoming events. This approach is an effective means to re-engage inactive users and reignite their interest in the app.


After implementing solutions, the dating app witnessed astounding improvements in user retention:

  • +300% increase in user retention over a six-month period.
  • Significant boost in user engagement and daily app sessions.
  • Noticeable decrease in churn rate, indicating higher user satisfaction.
  • App store ratings and positive user reviews surged.

By leveraging Appranking's expertise in user experience optimization and app marketing strategies, the dating app achieved remarkable success, solidifying its position as a leading player in the competitive dating app market. 

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