What to Anticipate from Mobile Marketing in 2023

In today's article, we will predict several major changes in the mobile marketing space in 2023 and how to adjust to them.

What to Anticipate from Mobile Marketing in 2023

At first, we anticipate that the movement toward data privacy, which started in 2021, will continue into the year of 2023. The attribution of data will keep shifting from being exact to being uncertain.

Better metrics prediction will be the key area of effort. To obtain the most precise attribution possible, economic models, A/B testing, and first-party data gathering will be helpful.

Additionally, the idea of Data Clean Rooms (DCRs) may be useful in the post-IDFA world. This tool allows us to interpret data at the user level without having direct user access to it.



The percentage of ATT opt-in presently ranges between 30% and 40%, according to various sources. Mobile marketers and developers should focus on personalization and explain to consumers the value of consent in order to raise this percentage. 

You might be in a pickle. How can you cater to users' wants to the best of your ability while maintaining their privacy? To establish a strong foundation, you must have solid, trustworthy connections with your customers. Forget about workarounds and quick fixes. You can only gain a sustained competitive edge by taking the time to develop an efficient data strategy.

Web-to-app campaigns

iOS 14 pushed the market to bypass the limits that the SKAdNetwork architecture placed on advertisers. Web-to-app marketing strategies are one of these solutions.

According to the mechanic, when a person clicks on an advertisement, they are directed to a unique landing page. Then he installs an app after visiting the App Store. The information on user behavior can be utilized to improve UA campaigns. With this model, you may view current performance information directly in Ads Manager.

NFT and Metaverse

We cannot ignore the metaverse and the non-fungible tokens phenomenon that is sweeping the world in the age of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency assets.

We anticipate a sizable number of NFT-based games and non-game products in 2023. Simply explained, this will enable the holders of the tokens to acquire exclusive legal ownership of certain content in exchange for tokens.

This can then be applied to trade in stocks or on the NFT marketplace. Experts disagree about whether this is truly revolutionary and will modernize the game process or if it is only marketing. Time will only tell.

M-commerce / grocery & food delivery

The majority of people began making active use of food delivery services during the lockdown. These two app categories ended up having the strongest growth in these years as a result.

The entire post-lockdown life was shaped by this user experience. More customers are choosing to make online purchases than actual store visits. This led to the development of a wide range of brand-new delivery services, in particular. I'm interested in how the food and grocery delivery market will operate in 2023.

We therefore anticipate that mobile marketers will develop their abilities in marketing for food delivery applications and learn how to promote mobile games created using blockchain technologies.


Moving forward to 2023, mobile marketing will remain popular in the e-commerce business.

As smartphones continue to lead the way, tomorrow's marketing strategy will be primarily reliant on social media success, website speed, and ever-changing customer needs.

To compete in a rapidly expanding digital environment, mobile marketers must be on top of their demographic targeting, up to current on the newest technology, and, most crucially, ready to adjust their campaigns at any moment.

As we enter the social 2.0 age, we can expect social media to be at the forefront of this mobile marketing change. With Social 2.0 enabling widespread platform monetization, successful consumer-based apps like TikTok will pave the way for new marketing trends.

Elements like the TikTok shop will swiftly turn e-commerce into a social realm, decreasing the necessity for on-site shopping and reshaping future mobile marketing methods.

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