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Looking for imposter games? Crazy about 3D invasion games? Find the Alien is a fun casual game where your mission is to stop the alien invasion. Find outlanders among us and kill the aliens in this imposter game. This alien game has an easy gameplay. The imposters are the aliens hiding among us. They look like normal people. Your goal is to kill all the aliens in the imposter game. Complete the set of levels in all suburbs. Unlock a new blaster and kill more outlanders among us. How to know who is among us? Use the blaster and UFO scanner to find the aliens in this imposter game. The imposters replace family members, neighbors, policemen and even road signs. Scan the room and kill an alien hiding among us. Find all the outlanders in the city suburb and win Alien King. Go to UFO, kill the aliens and free citizens from the alien isolation to win this imposter game. Stop an alien invasion in all suburbs. MAIN HIGHLIGHTS • Choose blasters. Complete the levels and get new blasters for alien killing as a reward to stop alien invasion. • Find all aliens among us. There may be more than one outlander in the room or on the street. In this invasion game outlanders look like people, birds or objects. • Rescue citizens. Come to UFO and kill the aliens to save the world. • Open new locations. Unlock new suburbs in our imposter game. Kill the aliens among us that keep citizens in an alien isolation. • Find out alien’s tactic. The aliens are becoming trickier and an alien invasion more unpredictable with each level. • Levels with different stories. Each level has its own story and location. Kill the aliens to save citizens from the alien invasion. Download Find the Alien and save the world in a fun casual game. More

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