Baby Shark Pizza Game

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China Hong Kong
Developer The Pinkfong Company
Category Education
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Baby Shark, the most-viewed video on YouTube, hit 10 billion views! Welcome to Baby Shark's pizzeria! Come and make the best, tastiest pizza in the world! Use your creativity and add fun ingredients to your own pizza with Chef Baby Shark. Are you ready to cook your special, unique pizza? Step 1. Cook a delicious pizza with Baby Shark! - Mix strawberries, chocolate, and jelly beans to make a colorful dough. - Use different cooking tools. - From sweet jam to delicious tomato sauce -- choose among 6 sauces of your choice. - Put up to 12 interesting ingredients to your own pizza. - Adjust the oven's heat to bake your pizza. Careful, don't let it burn! - Let your friend Baby Shark guide you through the process! Step 2. Taste your pizza and find out the result! - Check out different, fun reactions to your pizza creation. - There are various results to your creation, depending on how you baked it! Step 3. Deliver your pizza to William! - Overcome obstacles to deliver your delicious pizza to William the fish. - Enjoy the game and reach the highest score. Be creative! - • About Pinkfong Plus Subscription: - Join Pinkfong Plus membership and get unlimited access to Pinkfong's best apps! - Watch videos and play games ad-free. - Share membership with up to 6 family members. - Sync devices such as smartphones and tablets using one account. - Pinkfong Plus Membership is coming soon in EU countries. • Apps Available under Pinkfong Plus: - Pinkfong Baby Shark, Baby Shark Car Town, Pinkfong Dino World, Pinkfong 123 Numbers, Pinkfong Tracing World, Pinkfong Shapes & Colors, Baby Shark Jigsaw Puzzle Fun, Pinkfong Numbers Zoo, Pinkfong Baby Shark Phone, Pinkfong Baby Shark Storybook, Baby Shark Coloring Book, Pinkfong My Body, Baby Shark ABC Phonics, Pinkfong Police Heroes Game, Pinkfong Guess the Animal,Baby Shark Pizza Game + more! More available apps will be updated soon. Click the "More Apps" button on the home screen or visit Google Play to download the apps! - Privacy Policy: Terms of Use of Pinkfong Integrated Services: Terms of Use of Pinkfong Interactive App: More

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