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Get all your email accounts together in one handy app with effective caller ID
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All Email Access is a mail app for Android that allows you to connect to your multiple email accounts from a single webmail app. It also creates a powerful link between your mailbox and phone calls, and identifies callers, with e mail options directly from the caller ID screen. In this fast-moving mobile age, you need fast mail login access and better ways to manage your inbox. This easy-to-use e-mail app simplifies email login and allows you to manage various mailboxes with a single click. What sets All Email Access apart from other mail apps is the smart Caller ID. It identifies callers in real-time, even if the caller isn’t in your phonebook. The link between calls and emails means you can also easily and instantly send mails to the caller’s email address or access your mail box directly after the call ends. It’s important to have a break from your emails, but sometimes you think of an important mail you need to send at a time or place that is not convenient. Now you can set yourself a location-based email reminder which will send a notification to your screen when you arrive at the location you have selected, prompting you with the notes you wrote to yourself in the reminder. This email organizer app will strongly enhance your mobile communication and productivity. What you get in this app: 📩 Super easy all email access: Universal mail client lets you access all emails in one simple mail app (compatible with a large number of different mobile email providers). 📍 Location Reminders: Helps you remember to send important emails when you arrive at locations such as work. 📁 Attachments folder: See all your downloaded email attachments clearly in one place, without the need to search for them on your device. 📅 Useful Calendar: Make new entries directly from the app. 📲 ID Caller: Each time you receive a call you will see the caller’s details. 📫 Easy email access from the caller ID screen allows you to mail the caller quickly. 📲 Save contacts: Save unknown incoming contacts with one click after each call. 📐 Make it your own: You can easily adjust caller ID to your preferences in the app settings. 📲 Overview of call history: Call log and instant access to your phonebook in the app. 🤝 Dedicated customer support: Our dedicated customer support team will ensure you have great functionality from amazing features. More

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Developer: Appsbuyout Dev
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Bundle ID: info.myapp.allemailaccess
Version: 1.625
The size of: 14M
Category: Communication
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Compatibility: 4.4 and up
Support Country/Region: Luxembourg,Myanmar,Macedonia,Mauritius,Mali,Madagascar,Maldives,Mexico,Monserrate,Puerto Rico,Nicaragua,Malta,Panama,Malawi,The British Virgin Islands,Palau,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,United States,Nigeria,Niger,Mauritania,Mozambique,Seychelles,Papua New Guinea,Uganda,Portugal,Spain,Japan,Solomon Islands,Sierra Leone,France,Turks and Caicos Islands,Togo,Germany,Chad,Canada,Tunisia,Macao, China,Serbia,Korea,Venezuela,Australia,Swaziland,Hungary,Tanzania,United Kingdom,India,Sao Tome and Principe,Iraq,Bangladesh,Senegal,Iran,Angola,Switzerland,Zambia,Cambodia,Estonia,Dominica,Uruguay,Turkey,Salvador,Botswana,Jamaica,Zimbabwe,Guyana,Pakistan,Austria,Lithuania,Thailand,Antigua and Barbuda,Cyprus,Laos,Egypt,Greece,Brazil,Belgium,Barbados,Singapore,Philippines,Tajikistan,Brunei,Moldova,Russia,Peru,Slovakia,Kenya,Nepal,Albania,Argentina,Turkmenistan,Guatemala,Slovenia,Chile,Sweden,Romania,Cape Verde,Benin,Denmark,Ireland,Iceland,Liberia,Burkina Faso,Bermuda,Norway,Georgia,Belize,Namibia,Paraguay,Anguilla,Morocco,Dominican,Congo,Gambia,Democratic Republic of Congo,Ghana,Trinidad and Tobago,Suriname,Latvia,Afghanistan,Netherlands,Honduras,Mongolia,Malaysia,China,Bahamas,Guinea-Bissau,Qatar,Ecuador,Cayman Islands,Costa Rica,Saint Lucia,Ethiopia,Grenada,Bulgaria,South Africa,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Finland,Fiji Islands,Colombia,New Zealand,Bhutan,Federated States of Micronesia,Saudi Arabia,Gabon,China Hong Kong,Croatia,Czech Republic,Taiwan, China,Poland,Indonesia,Ukraine,Armenia,Bolivia,Israel,Kyrgyzstan,Jordan,Lebanon,Sri Lanka,Kazakhstan,Kuwait,Oman,Vietnam,Yemen,Uzbekistan,Italy,United Arab Emirates,Azerbaijan,Bahrain,Algeria,Belarus,Cote d'Ivoire
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