Pocoyo and the Mystery of the Hidden Objects

Global Vision
China Hong Kong
Developer Zinkia Entertainment, S.A.
Category Puzzle
App Price Free
In-App Purchases 每個項目 HK$34.90
Download 1,000,000+
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Lately Detective Pocoyo is getting many mysterious cases involving objects that have disappeared. Will you be able to help Pocoyo in this fun adventure and find all the hidden objects? Become a detective in this adventure simulator game, try to discover and explore all hidden objects in the house. Play this fun educational game in the mystery time of your kid and let him explore the world by the hand of Pocoyo learning find skills. A family game for all ages, with dozens of different scenes to explore that will put your investigative skills to the test. You can also enjoy the incredible experience of finding hidden objects in 360-degree panoramic scenes. Accept the challenge and become the bravest and most clever detective. Solve cases, investigating and finding objects to access new locations, and meet all the crazy characters who come to Detective Pocoyo's office. - Spectacular scenes, filled with objects. - Includes 360-degree panoramic scenes. - Test your visual acuity, with hours of fun. - Play for free. Kids will also be able to: - Identify and learn dozens of objects in different settings, in both English and Spanish. - Develop psychomotricity and visual acuity. More

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Developer: Zinkia Entertainment, S.A.
Date of Issue: -
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Bundle ID: com.zinkia.pocoyo.hiddenobjects
Version: 1.40
The size of: 121M
Category: Puzzle
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Compatibility: 5.0 或以上版本
Support Country/Region: Peru,Hungary,Philippines,Maldives,Afghanistan,United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia,Mozambique,Malaysia,Indonesia,Puerto Rico,Bolivia,Brunei,Iran,United States,India,Russia,Bulgaria,Poland,Bahrain,Democratic Republic of Congo,Sweden,Finland,Croatia,Kenya,Latvia,Mexico,Austria,Nigeria,Slovakia,Turkmenistan,Venezuela,Zimbabwe,Brazil,Zambia,Turkey,Burkina Faso,Korea,Switzerland,China,Taiwan, China,China Hong Kong,South Africa,Togo,Belgium,Egypt,United Kingdom,Germany,Italy,Ukraine,Angola,Armenia,Albania,New Zealand,Benin,Bhutan,Costa Rica,Cape Verde,Congo,Belarus,Cyprus,Ecuador,Algeria,Czech Republic,Honduras,Guatemala,Guinea-Bissau,Jordan,Kyrgyzstan,Sri Lanka,Lebanon,Kuwait,Lithuania,Kazakhstan,Morocco,Malta,Portugal,Mongolia,Niger,Singapore,Nepal,Greece,Oman,Nicaragua,Vietnam,Laos,Serbia,Palau,Papua New Guinea,Slovenia,Tunisia,Romania,Trinidad and Tobago,Tanzania,Spain,Australia,Pakistan,Uganda,Bangladesh,Uzbekistan,Canada,Macao, China,Colombia,Iraq,Netherlands,Iceland,Antigua and Barbuda,Japan,Thailand,Ethiopia,Madagascar,Dominica,Mauritania,Suriname,Swaziland,Chad,Malawi,Sierra Leone,Seychelles,Monserrate,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Federated States of Micronesia,Liberia,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Barbados,Grenada,Guyana,Sao Tome and Principe,Saint Lucia,Gambia,Anguilla,Azerbaijan,Bermuda,Belize,Botswana,Bahamas,Chile,Dominican,Denmark,Estonia,Qatar,Fiji Islands,Ireland,Gabon,Georgia,Ghana,Israel,Jamaica,Cayman Islands,Macedonia,Mali,Moldova,Luxembourg,Myanmar,Mauritius,Norway,Namibia,Panama,Cambodia,Salvador,Argentina,Paraguay,Senegal,Tajikistan,Solomon Islands,Turks and Caicos Islands,Uruguay,Yemen,The British Virgin Islands,France,Cote d'Ivoire
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