Yasa Pets Mall

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China Hong Kong
Developer Yasa Ltd
Category Educational
App Price Free
In-App Purchases NO
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Time to go shopping !! The Mall is finally open and it’s full of things to do! Buy a new outfit then drop by the salon for a new hairstyle! Go bowling then watch a movie in the cinema! Yasa Pets Mall is totally FREE with NO in app purchases !! Features include: * Jump in the car and drive to the mall !! * Visit the hair salon for a new hairstyle !! * Choose a new color for that new hairstyle! * Pick up some food for dinner in the supermarket! * Drop off the kids at daycare ! * Try all the amazing food in the Food Court ! Maybe pizza or sushi !! * Have a barbecue in the garden ! * Go shopping and try on all the new fashions! * Sing in a talent contest ! * Play in the video game arcade! * Visit the cinema to watch a movie and eat popcorn! * Go bowling and win a trophy ! * Party in the retro cafe with all your friends! **** Remember to connect to the internet to collect the stars **** SUPERMARKET : Every trip to the mall starts with shopping for food and household items in the big supermarket. Stock up on groceries like fresh vegetables and ice-cream, pick out a new shampoo or perfume, treat the kids to some candy from the candy station! SALON : Make an appointment to see a stylist at the salon! As soon as you arrive the pampering begins! Choose from lots of different hairstyles, maybe something glamorous? Then pick the perfect hair color to match your look. CLOTHES SHOPS : You’ll find all the latest fashions at the mall! Try on a variety of stylish outfits and pick your favourite! And don’t forget to choose a hat and a bag to complete the look. DAYCARE : Drop off the kids at daycare … they love playing with their friends! After lunch they get tired and the teacher will put them to bed for a nap! BOWLING ALLEY : Everyone LOVES BOWLING !!!! Change into your bowling team outfit and compete with friends for the trophy! Have a delicious snack in the cafe when you feel like taking a break. CINEMA : Watch all the latest movies in the cinema! Get your tickets at the ticket desk then choose your popcorn, candy and drink! Make sure to find a seat beside your friends and enjoy the film! ARCADE : Play all the video games in the arcade and enjoy a fun bounce in the bouncy castle! Did you know you can win toy ducks in one of the machines? FOOD COURT : Everyone gets hungry when they go to the mall … then it’s time to visit the yummy food stalls in the food court. Have a delicious slice of pizza and an ice-cream, or maybe a burger and fries. Don’t forget to check out the sushi counter ! HOME : After a long day of shopping and having fun at the mall it’s time to jump in the car and go home. Relax in the garden and invite friends round for a barbecue! *** Enjoy playing Yasa Pets Mall? Leave us a review, we love hearing from you. Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more, please read our privacy policy : https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/ www.youtube.com/c/YasaPets www.facebook.com/YasaPets www.instagram.com/yasapets More

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Developer: Yasa Ltd
Date of Issue: -
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Bundle ID: com.yasapets.mall
Version: 2.1
The size of: 32M
Category: Educational
Developer Account Website: http://www.yasapets.com
APP Privacy Policy Url: https://www.yasapets.com/legal/
Compatibility: 4.1 或以上版本
Support Country/Region: Liberia,Lebanon,Luxembourg,Lithuania,Madagascar,Myanmar,Maldives,Mali,Malta,Niger,Mongolia,Moldova,Malawi,Mauritania,Oman,Mexico,Sao Tome and Principe,Panama,The British Virgin Islands,Norway,China,Suriname,Monserrate,Brazil,Namibia,Chad,Uruguay,Seychelles,Romania,Solomon Islands,Belgium,Turks and Caicos Islands,Guinea-Bissau,Italy,Malaysia,Slovakia,Trinidad and Tobago,Denmark,Sierra Leone,Puerto Rico,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Papua New Guinea,Venezuela,Togo,Costa Rica,Afghanistan,Kyrgyzstan,Jordan,Zambia,Bahrain,Swaziland,Bermuda,Belarus,Russia,Spain,Thailand,Bulgaria,Cape Verde,Federated States of Micronesia,Antigua and Barbuda,Argentina,Iceland,Kuwait,Botswana,Hungary,Switzerland,United Arab Emirates,Singapore,Barbados,Gabon,Bahamas,Macao, China,Ireland,Benin,Palau,Belize,Poland,Nicaragua,Austria,Portugal,Burkina Faso,Czech Republic,Albania,Gambia,Ecuador,Jamaica,Saint Lucia,Egypt,South Africa,Guatemala,Democratic Republic of Congo,Colombia,Bolivia,Anguilla,France,Cambodia,Brunei,Sweden,Salvador,Dominica,New Zealand,Finland,Kazakhstan,Estonia,Saudi Arabia,Chile,Congo,United Kingdom,Ukraine,Greece,Cyprus,Cayman Islands,Qatar,Guyana,Iraq,Georgia,Philippines,Grenada,Ghana,Netherlands,Honduras,Croatia,United States,Vietnam,Mozambique,Dominican,Zimbabwe,Korea,Australia,Canada,Yemen,Latvia,Israel,Bhutan,Fiji Islands,Mauritius,Macedonia,Slovenia,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Angola,Serbia,China Hong Kong,Uganda,Tanzania,Japan,Armenia,Germany,Peru,Indonesia,Turkey,Taiwan, China,Paraguay,Azerbaijan,Algeria,Pakistan,Tunisia,Senegal,Morocco,Laos,Ethiopia,Nigeria,Turkmenistan,Kenya,Iran,Sri Lanka,Cote d'Ivoire,India,Bangladesh,Nepal,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan
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