Crazy Eggs For Kids - Toy Eggs Vending Machine

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Join us in our fun and adventurous magical quest for wonderful toys. Imagine the look on your little one's face when they crack open a surprise inside egg to find an awesome and exciting surprise TOY inside it..! Features: - Toys including Animals, Drums, Balloons, Dolls, Building Set, Blocks, Puzzles, Bikes and more! - Game safe to play for toddlers, children and babies. - Learn how to run a Crazy Egg Vending Machine - Toy Surprises for Girls and Princess - Colorful and Multiple eggs with a toy surprise! - Fun, Addictive and easy to use Toy Games for toddlers and kids. - Eggs Surprises Vending Machine with lots of Kids Toys - Egg Shooter and other fun mini Games Get ready to get some Surprise from the Eggs! Game where you can open eggs to see the surprises and give them to kids to play!. Fun game easy to play in a tablet or phone. How to Play? - Choose the egg you want to open from the eggs Vending Machine - Use the hammer to break the surprised egg - Tap the egg to get to the surprise TOY from inside Knock an egg until it's cracked and find out which surprise toy is hidden in the egg! Can you guess what's hidden inside all those eggs? More

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