Web Master 3D

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China Hong Kong
Developer TapNation
Category Role Playing
App Price Free
In-App Purchases 每個項目 HK$14.90 - HK$65.90
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Are you a big fan of superhero games? Become a super web hero and take care of all the villains and bad guys rampaging the streets of the city with your super hero web powers ! In this web master simulation, your goal is to eliminate all the bad guys by using your various web powers! You can stick your crowd of enemies to walls and web sling between buildings. Shoot your hook and toss the bad guys into one another to complete each level. This is your friendly neighborhood favorite spider rope hero! Get ready for an open world spider rope hero action game & let the battle begin! You will play as a Web hero with spider powers that allow you to throw web, paralyze your enemies, smash and crash items on their head, or attach them to buildings! You haven't been bitten by a spider, but you can still throw web. You will face against the strongest bad guys in this spider rope hero adventure: The Boss, Crocodile man, Rhinoceros man… They’re all here in this thrilling adventure superhero game! As you know, with great power comes great responsibilities. So as a web hero with super powers, it is your job to stop crime city gangsters & push enemies away using rope hero flying powers. Rescue and save precious lives as a merciful & best super hero. Tap to throw your spider hero web and grab enemies and objects, and don’t forget to tap at the right time to travel through and explore the city at light speed! Defeat the world city gangster to become the strongest ropeman web super hero. Self-defense must be your number one priority, attack those fighting enemies who are trying to kill you. Or else, it’s off the plank you go! So let’s see what type of spider-web hero you are & how good you can use your magic finger super powers against enemies! Go and save New York City from its villains ! More

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Developer: TapNation
Date of Issue: -
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Bundle ID: com.ouazgames.SpiderMaster
Version: 51
The size of: 163M
Category: Role Playing
Developer Account Website: https://www.tap-nation.io
APP Privacy Policy Url: https://www.tap-nation.io/legal-notice/
Compatibility: 5.1 或以上版本
Support Country/Region: Liberia,Luxembourg,Malawi,Monserrate,Madagascar,Myanmar,Mexico,Malta,Niger,Papua New Guinea,Maldives,Solomon Islands,Turks and Caicos Islands,Paraguay,Puerto Rico,Swaziland,United States,India,Sierra Leone,France,Chad,The British Virgin Islands,Seychelles,Palau,Burkina Faso,Tajikistan,United Arab Emirates,Georgia,Sao Tome and Principe,Macao, China,Australia,Brazil,Iran,Argentina,Turkey,Canada,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Korea,Congo,Turkmenistan,Cape Verde,Japan,China,Vietnam,United Kingdom,Italy,Philippines,Anguilla,Bahamas,Germany,Cyprus,Russia,Spain,Bhutan,Grenada,Saint Lucia,Iceland,Barbados,Bermuda,Thailand,Indonesia,Federated States of Micronesia,Netherlands,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Austria,Brunei,Cayman Islands,Saudi Arabia,Guinea-Bissau,Antigua and Barbuda,Suriname,Dominica,Qatar,Belize,Gambia,Kuwait,Benin,Egypt,Malaysia,Ukraine,Sweden,Chile,Poland,Taiwan, China,Mongolia,Belgium,Switzerland,Colombia,China Hong Kong,Bahrain,Kazakhstan,Denmark,Greece,Israel,New Zealand,Azerbaijan,Czech Republic,Hungary,Romania,Singapore,South Africa,Albania,Armenia,Ecuador,Finland,Norway,Portugal,Bulgaria,Belarus,Dominican,Algeria,Guatemala,Croatia,Ireland,Jordan,Cambodia,Lebanon,Sri Lanka,Latvia,Moldova,Macedonia,Nigeria,Nepal,Pakistan,Slovakia,Tunisia,Uruguay,Uzbekistan,Angola,Democratic Republic of Congo,Ethiopia,Afghanistan,Oman,Peru,Serbia,Guyana,Lithuania,Ghana,Bolivia,Honduras,Togo,Panama,Tanzania,Trinidad and Tobago,Bangladesh,Senegal,Uganda,Kenya,Fiji Islands,Estonia,Zimbabwe,Mauritania,Slovenia,Botswana,Salvador,Zambia,Cote d'Ivoire,Laos,Gabon,Mauritius,Jamaica,Venezuela,Morocco,Namibia,Costa Rica,Kyrgyzstan,Yemen,Mali,Mozambique,Nicaragua,Iraq
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