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Holy Bible KJV App for study - share verses of the day & study the words of God.
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-We offer a unique offline Bible study tool that you can learn and share the Holy Bible on your own or with your trusted bible study group. Compared to the traditional Holy Bible, our e-bible allows you to access Holy Bible easily on your digital devices without carrying the paper books around, listen to audio Bible verses while driving and running, or take challenges of biblical quizzes and crosswords. -Our KJV Bible App is a Fast, light, offline bible for your daily study. To customize your Bible App experience, It allows you to quickly locate Holy Bible verses with a simple tap and create your own Holy Bible verse highlights, bookmarks, verse images, and notes. Explore the Holy Bible with your closest friends. Grow together and share what you discover from Holy Bible with each other! -Please join our virtual bible study group to explore Holy Bible with more than 10 million people who have downloaded and recommended our KJV Holy Bible App worldwide. Get yourself closer to God and listen to God's word at any time by using our pocket Holy Bible App. ----Feature ---- BEST AUDIO FOR BIBLE PLAN -Various Bible verse audio of King James Version KJV. -Classic Bible plan audio that you can listen to God's word. -Listen to your favorite Bible verses whenever you are unable to read while driving, running, and strolling. -Let God's word put you to sleep at night. THE BEST BIBLE STUDY TOOL -Access to Holy Bible anytime & anywhere just by swiping the screen. -Offline Bibles: Read and study Bible verse WITHOUT internet access. -Search the Bible with keywords. -Quickly locate verse. -Share Bible verses with your friends anytime & anywhere with ease. -Highlight verses you like for future Bible study. -Note your inspirations. -Have fun with our selected Bible quizzes and crosswords challenges. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIBLE -Font adjustment: choose any font size and line spacings you want in order to get the most suitable Bible reading experiences. -Night mode: change to night mode when you read the Bible at night. -Share Bible verses with your friends via social platforms with ease. -Verses Image: Customize fantastic Bible verse images. READ BIBLE DAILY -Connect to God's word with our one-of-a-kind pocket Holy Bible App. -Fantastic Bible reading experience. -Use this Bible for your daily devotional study and Christian Bible reading. -Read with your religious community and share your thoughts together. CONNECT WITH US -Five-star us if you like our app. Please leave us reviews if you have any thoughts or suggestions! -Check out our website -Like us on Facebook -Send us an email More

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