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Super Security app with Antivirus, Boost, Space Cleaner, WiFi Security, AppLock
Developer DUALSPACE studio
Category Tools
App Price Free
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Super Security – Antivirus, AppLock, a professional mobile security app with antivirus software (virus removal) for free. 💯 security protection for android phones with antivirus, virus scan, virus removal. Also Super Security provides more powerful features: speed booster, phone cleaner WiFi security and AppLock. It meets all your needs of cleaning and security protection. ===== Main Features ===== ☂️ Real-time Protection * Provides 24/7 security services, protect your device from potential threats, detect virus in time. * Real-time protection with antivirus, precisely virus scan and virus removal for your privacy Security. Reliable security app always protecting your data privacy. Super Security - professional free antivirus app. 🛡️ Antivirus * Virus scan & virus removal to secure your phone. * Providing the security service. Powerful antivirus for Android offers you the professional virus protection & virus cleaner. It is the professional antivirus app with professional antivirus engine. 🔐 AppLock * Lock sensitive apps and snap intruders with camera permission to protect your privacy. * Setting an additional pattern or PIN password. Also fingerprint lock supported on specific devices that has the fingerprint sensor. 🚀 Cleaner & Booster * Scan and remove junk files automatically. Clean junk files including system cache, apps cache, useless APKs, residual files, AD cache free up storage space. * Super Security is also a phone booster app, it helps you boost phone speed and optimize Android mobile phone performance. 📶 WiFi Security * Super Security detect current WiFi connection to keep your phone safe from insecure public WiFi. * And detect WiFi intruders and encure your network safety whenever, wherever. 🔕 Notification Organizer * Block annoying useless notifications, get rid of junk notification from jamming and slowing down your phone by blacklisting apps that push annoying junk notifications. * It will keep your phone from disturbing and make your notification bar clear. Get the professional free Security App, Antivirus for Android phones free: Super Security NOW! More

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Developer: DUALSPACE studio
Last updated at:
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Version: 2.3.6
The size of: 20M
Category: Tools
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Compatibility: 4.4 and up
Support Country/Region: Lithuania,Slovenia,Moldova,Morocco,Mexico,Panama,Nicaragua,Serbia,Belize,Argentina,Salvador,France,Sweden,Slovakia,Venezuela,Uzbekistan,Croatia,Bulgaria,Costa Rica,Tanzania,Portugal,Suriname,Azerbaijan,Tunisia,Kazakhstan,Pakistan,Austria,Peru,Nigeria,Fiji Islands,Uruguay,China Hong Kong,Belarus,Ecuador,Niger,Czech Republic,Bolivia,Angola,Romania,Belgium,Kuwait,Guinea-Bissau,Georgia,Uganda,Antigua and Barbuda,United States,Macao, China,Laos,Mongolia,Dominica,Chad,Turkmenistan,Ukraine,Armenia,Cyprus,Gabon,Congo,Bangladesh,Iran,Honduras,Cape Verde,Barbados,Malawi,Thailand,Seychelles,Macedonia,Tajikistan,Guatemala,Luxembourg,Democratic Republic of Congo,Madagascar,Albania,Greece,Mauritius,Saint Lucia,Maldives,Norway,India,Sao Tome and Principe,Algeria,Dominican,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Hungary,Kyrgyzstan,Togo,Solomon Islands,Latvia,Ethiopia,Brunei,Japan,Canada,Russia,South Africa,Australia,Taiwan, China,Bermuda,Bhutan,Turkey,Egypt,Myanmar,Paraguay,Vietnam,Netherlands,Puerto Rico,Swaziland,Palau,The British Virgin Islands,Brazil,United Kingdom,Korea,China,Switzerland,Italy,Poland,Federated States of Micronesia,Lebanon,Germany,Botswana,Chile,Estonia,Ghana,Saudi Arabia,Grenada,Israel,Iraq,Gambia,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Jamaica,Jordan,Cayman Islands,Liberia,Spain,Mauritania,Monserrate,Malta,Cambodia,Ireland,Indonesia,Oman,Namibia,Philippines,Sierra Leone,Zimbabwe,Trinidad and Tobago,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Zambia,Turks and Caicos Islands,Malaysia,Anguilla,Denmark,Burkina Faso,Colombia,Mali,Afghanistan,Mozambique,Bahrain,Guyana,Benin,Papua New Guinea,Iceland,Bahamas,Senegal,Singapore,New Zealand,United Arab Emirates,Qatar,Finland,Kenya,Yemen,Cote d'Ivoire
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