Ball Run 2048

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China Hong Kong
Developer KAYAC Inc.
Category Casual
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This is the best 2048 ball game you will ever play! This action-packed puzzle game is so fun. At the same time, you can relax and feel comfortable while playing this. You will be taken to a highrise above water. Your ball will always be rolling, so please tap and swipe to control it and lead to goal. Don't forget! You can merge the ball with another one that has the same number and color. Naturally, you cannot jump. If you want to pass a rail, it's essential that your ball is bigger than the rail. This is not a race, but an epic, fun and exciting runner type simulator to make you feel like you are on a roof top without rails. You do not have to stay on a rail—you choose your own way! It depends on your action whether you can be big by merging. Go ahead! You can be 2048! Finally, we encourage you, and will be happy if you listen and enjoy our sound effects through your headsets or earphones. You'd be able to listen to several sound effects, they are all comfortable sounds. Features: Intuitive controls Colorful 3D graphics Brainly addictive mechanics Merging sensations—merge the ball with the same numbers Vibrates during action (depending on the device and/or settings) Multiple beautiful sound effects Epic ball running sensation Highrise above water fun Kids, moms, dads, men and women of all ages, please enjoy this entertainment! Let's get to reach a 2048 ball! --- Open Source Components: More

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Developer: KAYAC Inc.
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Bundle ID: com.kayac.ball_run
Version: 0.3.8
The size of: 94M
Category: Casual
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Compatibility: 5.0 或以上版本
Support Country/Region: Lithuania,Kazakhstan,Luxembourg,Latvia,Saint Lucia,Liberia,Morocco,France,Myanmar,Moldova,Mali,Madagascar,Mongolia,Korea,United States,Macedonia,India,Japan,Brazil,Australia,Mexico,Mauritius,Maldives,Germany,United Kingdom,Mozambique,Niger,Mauritania,China,Peru,Swaziland,Tunisia,Papua New Guinea,Chad,Paraguay,Malawi,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Norway,Monserrate,China Hong Kong,Turks and Caicos Islands,Nicaragua,Nepal,Puerto Rico,Oman,Namibia,Tajikistan,Palau,Romania,Uruguay,Serbia,Switzerland,Malta,Cambodia,Solomon Islands,Zambia,Seychelles,Bangladesh,Slovenia,Togo,Sierra Leone,Senegal,Malaysia,Sao Tome and Principe,Salvador,Turkmenistan,Nigeria,Canada,Panama,Tanzania,Trinidad and Tobago,The British Virgin Islands,Zimbabwe,Italy,Taiwan, China,Yemen,New Zealand,Afghanistan,Slovakia,Bolivia,Suriname,Czech Republic,Venezuela,Georgia,Gabon,Uganda,Uzbekistan,Ghana,Spain,Macao, China,Iran,Sri Lanka,Antigua and Barbuda,Hungary,Vietnam,South Africa,Burkina Faso,Benin,Albania,Brunei,Botswana,Thailand,Portugal,Iceland,Kyrgyzstan,Austria,Singapore,Russia,Pakistan,Denmark,Barbados,Algeria,Estonia,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Ukraine,United Arab Emirates,Guyana,Egypt,Guinea-Bissau,Bulgaria,Armenia,Laos,Belgium,Belize,Philippines,Turkey,Bermuda,Cape Verde,Belarus,Dominica,Qatar,Dominican,Fiji Islands,Ethiopia,Finland,Saudi Arabia,Grenada,Ecuador,Argentina,Guatemala,Gambia,Israel,Iraq,Greece,Kuwait,Lebanon,Anguilla,Costa Rica,Angola,Bahamas,Indonesia,Ireland,Bahrain,Netherlands,Colombia,Bhutan,Jamaica,Kenya,Azerbaijan,Poland,Congo,Federated States of Micronesia,Cyprus,Chile,Democratic Republic of Congo,Honduras,Sweden,Croatia,Cayman Islands,Jordan,Cote d'Ivoire
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