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Stimulating & creative activities for 4- to 9-year-old kids and the family
Puerto Rico
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Enter the world of Applaydu from Kinder, a stimulating experience designed for 4- to 9-year-old kids that supports children’s growth through family activities: from virtual arts & crafts to games about numbers, animals, world maps, and vocabulary as well as bedtime stories for toddlers and kids. Bring your child’s toys to life, thanks to AR, and extend the Kinder playing experience. It is 100% kid-safe, playable offline, has no ads, no in-app purchases, and supports over 18 languages.   Applaydu Season 2 has arrived Applaydu is back in 2021 with a full range of fresh features and characters to keep improving kids' playing experiences and develop their creativity under parental supervision. It now contains 13 mini-games, some of which are playable in multiplayer, and more than 650 Kinder toys characters to unlock from various licenses. This year, let your kid discover more about animals! Your children become the explorers of an adventure and travel around the globe to meet their favorite animals. Observe them together in their natural habitat and discover their life and behavior. Capture unique moments to cherish in a completely interactive book.   Experience augmented reality with the family Use AR to bring your child’s toys to life. With the updated content, your kids can interact with their favorite characters even more. Let them say something and their toys will repeat it with different voices surrounded by their natural environment in AR. They can also virtually feed their toys and guess the food they’d like the most. There is a large choice of AR masks, frames and stickers so your children can embody many characters and set up the perfect pictures to keep memories.   Activities for toddlers and kids Applaydu is an experience for children that develops their creativity while playing. Each activity is designed to enhance different areas of a child’s development including numbers, recognizing different colors, expanding their vocabulary, acquiring motor skills or getting to know geography. There are various types of gameplay, including racing games, rhythm activities, dress-up with princesses and animal adventures for kids. Season 2 brings even more activities: a puzzle together with a tower block to develop problem-solving and motor skills. Each activity has adaptive difficulty to provide the perfect challenge for toddlers (3-year-olds), preschoolers (4- to 6-year-olds) and kids of elementary school age (7- to 9-year-olds).   Create your own stories with your kids & toddlers Rediscover your kid’s adventures in unique storybooks to share together before bedtime. Explore a diversity of themes together with your child as they safari in the savannah and relive superhero adventures. You can also now help your kid discover new words thanks to the voice-over experience, directly added in the storybooks.   App with parental controls: 100% kid-friendly game Share moments with your kids in Applaydu with a dedicated parental section that helps you keep your kid safe while they play. Create multiple profiles to customize the experience for each child and check out their progress thanks to the tracking reports. With Season 2, you can get personalized recommendations for your kids based on their activity.   Share family moments Experience Applaydu together with your child to enhance the magic, surprise and joy. Use this creative experience for kids as a trampoline for further discussions and play together in multiplayer mode to share special moments. ______________________________________________________     Applaydu, an Official Kinder App, is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program ( and   Contact us at For privacy-related questions, please write to or go to More

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