Blockudoku®: block puzzle game

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Block puzzle game with sudoku mechanics. Match blocks and beat your high score!
Developer Easybrain
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Blockudoku® is an original combination of sudoku and block puzzle games. It’s a simple yet challenging free block puzzle you won’t be able to put aside. Match blocks to complete lines and cubes to get them removed. Keep the board clean and beat your high score in a block puzzle! Test your iq and win the block puzzle game! Block puzzle game features: ✔ 9x9 block puzzle board. Merge cube blocks on the 9x9 grid, which should be familiar to all sudoku fans, to build lines and squares. ✔ Blocks of various shapes. Strategically stack sudoku blocks consisting of cubes on the board to destroy them and keep the board clean. ✔ Complete Daily Challenges in the block puzzles and get unique trophies. ✔ Join Seasonal Events and get unique animated postcards. ✔ Compete against other players in Tournaments, beat your high score, and climb the leaderboard. ✔ Color themes. Choose between a minimalist cube block game or a classic wooden block puzzle. ✔ Challenging goals. Never stop test iq and challenging yourself in a block puzzle game – try to beat your high score or compete with friends. ✔ Combos. Master the block puzzle game by destroying several tiles with just one move. ✔ Streak. Score more points by destroying elements with a few moves in a row. ✔ Unique mechanics. Blockudoku® was created to be an incredibly successful mixture of sudoku and iq block puzzles. ✔ Addictive gameplay. Play block sliding puzzles when you are bored or want to train your brain – anytime, anywhere. How to become a Blockudoku® master? There is no time limit in this block puzzle game, so no rush. Think one step ahead if you have to face a difficult move. It might be your last one. Try to merge classic and woody sudoku blocks on the puzzle board to destroy lines or 3x3 squares with every move in order not to fill up the board. Find your zen by balancing between destroying block figures as quickly as possible and getting as many combos and streaks as you can to score higher. Why play this block puzzle game? Blockudoku® block puzzle was made for people who want to relax and train their brain at the same time. This cube block puzzle game includes combinations of various scales and complexity together with simple addictive gameplay which is similar to tetris and sudoku. Whether you are tired or in low spirits, a few rounds of playing Blockudoku® block puzzle will cheer you up and let your mind relax. If you like unblock and block games, tetris, sliding puzzles, woody tricks, merge or block hexa puzzles, then Blockudoku® is the perfect option for you. Take a break from the daily grind and blockade bad thoughts by immersing yourself in this brain teaser. You definitely won't be bored playing block puzzle games! Relieve stress or train your brain with a relaxing yet challenging iq game of Blockudoku® anywhere, anytime! More

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Developer: Easybrain
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Version: 2.7.2
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