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Bible Quiz is a new biblical game made for people who are interested in Bible scriptures. In this game, all you need to do is to find out the right answer to a biblical question. The Quizzes are from all Bible books, such as Genesis, 2 Chronicles, Daniel, Exodus Ezra, Hosea, Leviticus, Nehemiah, and so on. In this challenging Christian game, you will find out how much you know about biblical stories and quotes. Do not miss this chance and increase your bible knowledge in a fun way. WHY BIBLE QUIZ ✝ A comprehensive handbook to test your biblical knowledge; ✝ Quizzes about biblical stories, saints, and verses; ✝ The essential religious knowledge test for Christian people; ✝ Brain-training quizzes are a smart way to improve your biblical knowledge; ✝ Enlighten by the wisdom of God's words in this game. ✝ Excellent game to feed your spirit with God's truth. FEATURES ✝ Over 4000 quizzes from both Old and New Testaments to test bible knowledge for free; ✝ Easy to start with but hard to level up. Do you really MASTER the bible scriptures? ✝ Play this bible trivia game with gentle music and an enjoyable user interface; ✝ Inspired for the whole day by the motivating God's words, feel the strength and wisdom from God; ✝ Biblical trivia suitable for all the people who are interested in Bible and God; ✝ Useful props will help you out when you meet the hard test; ✝ Mysterious reward after each winning chapter; ✝ Single-player play offline biblical trivia at any time. HOW TO PLAY ✝ Tap the RIGHT answer button in the multiple choices; ✝ You need to catch the Right answer in 20 seconds; Can you ace it? ✝ There are 3 quizzes for each level, and a mysterious reward for you after the whole level is finished; ✝ Use "Light" to remove a wrong answer; Use "Diamonds" to buy 20 seconds more if your time is used up. CONTACT US Bible Quiz is fairly new now, so your ideas and feedback would be a huge support for us to make a better game, feel free to email us at If you like biblical trivia games, this game is made for you. It is SUPER addicting. FREE DOWNLOAD today and refresh your mind with God's word! You can plant a faith tree More

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