Clean Up to Speed Up Your Phone

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Master phone clean to speed up your phone
Developer Sysapp Tools Studio
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"Clean Up to speed up your phone" function: 1. Network speed test 2. Measure internet speed 3. Check internet status and display internet info 4. Clean up ram & cache memory and speed booster 5. Clean up storage space 6. Phone Cooler master 7. Test device and display device info 8. Configuration Main function: 1. Measure and check network speed - If your smartphone is connected to wi-fi, the application will check the wifi signal and then will measure the speed of the internet connected via wifi - If your smartphone is connected via cellular: 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, the application will check the mobile signal and then will measure the speed of the internet connected via signal. 2. Check the internet connection status - Check Wi-Fi network connection status on phone - Check the status of mobile connectivity 5G, 4G, LTE, 3G, 2G on Android devices - Display internet connection speed, ping speed, upload speed, download speed, text download capacity, photo / video download capacity in 1 second 3. Check status and display internet information - The application will check internet connection status and display network infrastructure information - Notice the status of internet connection is good, strong or weak 4. Clean all memory and increase the processing speed on the phone - Cleanup Ram/Cache memory to speed up phone - Cleanup storage space to speed up your phone - Delete redundant files in download folders to speed up your phone - Clear cookies in application to speed up the phone 5. Clean storage - "Storage Cleaner" to clean photo folders, Audio folders, video media folders - Delete redundant applications in the application directory 6. Phone Cooler Master - Close applications that consume a lot of resources - System optimized by temporarily interrupting background applications to reduce heat to cool CPU 7. Check the device and display device information -Test Screen, Volume, Touch Screen, Vibration, Flash and Camera 8. Configuration: - Configure icon of application to notification bar Download the "Clean Up to speed up your phone" application for your Android device. Now !!! If you have feedback please email us, we will try our best to support as soon as possible. Thanks so much More

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Developer: Sysapp Tools Studio
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