Do Not Disturb 2: Funny Prank

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Don’t you hate waiting for the delivery of that special package into your kids game mailbox? And don’t you get a little angry when someone who loves prank games put something else in there? Well, Mr. Grumpy McGrump, the grouchiest pet in a mascot game, knows exactly how it feels! Yes, Mr. McGrump, your favorite character in a mascot game, is back! But no, he is not pleased to meet you and your prankster games again. If you loved the original cartoon game Do Not Disturb, you’re going to be amazed with Do Not Disturb 2, a brand new kids game for all the ages! Enjoy a prankster game with all-new content and play gags on your favorite marmot -- or perhaps the only one you know in a cartoon games full of minigames. Mr. McGrump is not a very cheerful marmot, even living in a cute game. After all, he’s not named Grumpy by coincidence. But let’s be honest for a second: this is not just like a kids game; Do Not Disturb 2 is a real prankster game. So the objective here is to have fun using the tapping game mechanics and plan your best prank game to annoy Mr. McGrump in many ways. And when he got cranky as the result of a well-executed prank game we are sure you’ll truly understand why Do Not Disturb 2 is the cream of the crop among funny games! Play minigames that use the best of tapping games mechanics, annoy Mr. McGrump and see the most hilarious reactions. Have fun annoying the grumpiest virtual pet you can own in a mascot game! In Do Not Disturb 2 you’ll get the best experience in laughter games. FUNNY REACTIONS Use the easy to learn tapping game mechanic to tap the mailbox and interact with the scenario to earn coins and unlock new and hilarious reactions in this funny game. You can’t have enough of Mr. McGrump, the grumpiest marmot in a cartoon game. COLLECTIBLES SOUVENIRS In this fantastic funny game, you can share the most exciting hobby of Mr. McGrump: stamp collecting! Start planning what to do in the next chapter in prankster game to earn surprise stamps as souvenirs after each well elaborated prank game. And one of the best parts of this cute game is that you keep them forever in your own personal stamp collection. Can you win in every minigame and get the most valuables collectibles in this cute cartoon game? HIGHLIGHTS • A cartoon game with great artwork. • Greatly improved animations that enhance the joy of playing this laughter game. • A kids game that is a perfect entertainment for all ages (adults as well!). • A funny game with dozens of funny reactions: you’ll laugh out loud with everyone around. • A tapping game where you can interact with objects and the scenario to discover all surprises. •A laughter game so funny that will bring tears to your eyes (in a way that only cute games could do). • A mascot game that brings interactive gameplay and lots of minigames that uses tapping game mechanics. So stop reading and start playing right now the most charming in the midst of cute games! Do Not Disturb 2 is a laughter game that brings the double of enjoyment to your life. And if you don’t know the original prankster game, try the first Do Not Disturb as well! It’s a mascot game fill with funny minigames that you’ll never forget. Your search for a genuinely funny game is over. Please note! This game is Designed for family and it is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money! More

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