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Whether you're a student, colleague or visitor, the HKU Mobile App makes it easier than ever to get mobile access to the latest campus information, wherever you are! About HKU – Show the latest information of HKU [email protected] – Record attendance at classes and events [email protected] – Undergraduate students can enquire course information and plan for their studies News – Catch up on all the latest research, innovations and institutional happenings at HKU at a glance. Events – Look up event details of HKU activities, such as exhibitions, conferences, seminars and lectures. Maps – Lost? Find your way around the University with these directions. Libraries – Discover the Libraries’ resources, including locations, seat booking, databases, user circulation records, and more. Student Life – Get answers to all your questions about university life, such as accommodation, financial assistance, special needs, counselling, student development programmes, career planning and placement, and much more. Food – There are a wide range of catering outlets at HKU. Find out what they’re serving up here. Timetable – Gets you to your class on time. Emergency – Don’t panic! The numbers to call when there’s a problem on campus. Shuttle Bus – Look up timetable information for HKU shuttle buses. U-Vision - Watch HKU videos on the U-Vision Channel! Staff Directory - Provide an easy way to search the office contact information of HKU staff. Info Security - Provide timely alerts on current information security issues, as well as the latest phishing emails reported from HKU users. It helps you to aware of online dangers and to know the protective measures. Learning Facilities - Provide communal facility opening hours and information on campus. Service Suspension - The Service Suspension Notification will display messages related to service suspensions currently occuring on the HKU campuses. These service suspensions are either planned maintenance stoppages or unscheduled stoppages due to system or hardware failures. Employment - Search for job vacancies in HKU. HKU Moodle - The centrally managed Learning Management System (LMS) in HKU. Users can use Moodle in HKU App to support their teaching and learning activities through different functions and interactive activities, including Assignments, News Forums, Discussion Forums, Choice, Feedback, Quiz, Wiki, and communicate among users. Financial Info’ - Students can now conveniently view their outstanding University charges. Multimedia – HKU’s photos and videos Publications – HKU’s publications More


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