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MTR Mobile全新面貌矚目登場! 功能全面升級,除提供個人化貼心搭車資訊,更加入港鐵商場及車站商店等資訊,為你帶來全新體驗!現更推出全新MTR分奬賞,日常無論搭車、食買玩樣樣賺分!立即了解不同功能:
 MTR分 MTR Mobile推出全新MTR分,日常無論搭港鐵、於港鐵商場或車站商店消費,甚至經MTR Mobile購買車票及港鐵精品都可以賺分, 輕鬆消費就可以換取免費車程及其他禮遇! 生活資訊 MTR Mobile打造綜合資訊平台,提供生活、科技和美食等多元化生活情報,更搜羅不同著數,讓你日常生活更精彩。 另外,想知乘車路綫,港鐵商場及MTR分嘅資料,問「Chatbot  互動查詢」的Macy就更方便! 乘車資訊 一如以往,只要到「交通」頁面,MTR Mobile就讓你隨時掌握各類乘車資訊,助你輕鬆計劃行程。熱門功能包括: 「行程指南」:提供港鐵乘車路綫及其他公共交通工具接駁方案,規劃出行更輕鬆方便 「落車提示」:無論轉車定落車都有提示,更會為你提供乘車時的實時位置,搭到去邊都話你知 「Traffic News」:顯示港鐵各條路綫的實時車務狀況,讓你對車務狀況一目了然 港鐵商場 只要到「港鐵商場」頁面,無論美食及購物指南、泊車服務定最新優惠,都能一覽無遺。更能根據你的個人喜好,提供個人化的優惠訊息。 車站商店 只要到「車站商店」頁面,就能查閱所有車站商店資料,各式商舖,隨時隨地滿足你生活所需,仲不時推出優惠! 你可到 www.mtr.com.hk/mtrmobile/ch 查看更多MTR Mobile 最新資訊 The new MTR Mobile is now available! The upgraded MTR Mobile not only offers you a more personalised and informative journey, it also provides information on MTR Malls and MTR Shops to suit your daily needs. What’s more, you can earn “MTR Points” from daily travel, shopping and dining, and redeem for free rides and other rewards. Let’s check out the features: MTR Points Introducing the brand new “MTR Points” on MTR Mobile, which allows you to easily earn points from daily travel, or while spending in MTR Malls and Station Shops, buying any MTR souvenirs or tickets via MTR Mobile. Accumulated points can be redeemed for free rides and other rewards. Latest News The upgraded MTR Mobile is an integrated information platform that enriches your daily life by providing a variety of content, including lifestyle, technology and tasty treats, along with a variety of different discount offers and benefits. What’s more, you can ask our “Chatbot” Macy to check information on route suggestions, MTR Malls or details about MTR Points! Transport As before, simply click on the “Transport” page and MTR Mobile can instantly provide complete information for you to better plan your journey. Featured functions include: “Trip Planner”: Providing you with MTR route suggestions and information of connecting public transport “Alighting Reminder”: Sending you interchange and exit notifications with real-time locations during your ride “Traffic News”: Featuring an overview of real-time train service status MTR Malls Simply click on the “Malls” page and you can check all the latest news on shopping and dining, promotions and parking services at MTR Malls. MTR Mobile can also provide personalised promotions and updates based on your preferred settings. Station Shops Simply click on the "Station Shops" page and check on the wide range of convenient retail outlets available in MTR stations to serve your daily needs, and allowing you to take advantage of all the latest privileges. Visit www.mtr.com.hk/mtrmobile/en for more information on MTR Mobile More


Developer: MTR Corporation Limited
Supplier: MTR Corporation Limited
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Bundle ID: com.mtr.mtrmobile
Version: 20.26
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