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► IDEAL HOMES Do you love the idea of renovation? Do you dream of a fresh canvas on which to create your ideal home design again and again? Are you looking for a casual mobile game that lets you live out your interior design fantasies in a fun, relaxing environment where you can try out different furniture and décor concepts in any way you want? Then Decor Life is the game for you. Combining a series of simple and easily mastered mechanics with a huge range of unique spaces, furniture items and design objects, Decor Life brings you all the fun parts of moving and decorating with none of the real-life hassle and hard work. ► SPACE FOR YOUR DESIGNS ​​• Homes, sweet homes: A huge and ever-expanding variety of rooms to work on, each with the unique atmosphere and attributes of its owner. Try and try again to find the right renovation solutions to suit each space. Choose furniture and décor options, then move them around the room until you find just the right spot. • Outside the box: Decor Life is a game that follows the renovation process from start to finish. Begin by sorting the furniture and contents of the old, unrenovated room into the right boxes, before moving on to selecting home design options, unboxing and placing furniture, then finally unpack and arrange new decorative items and possessions in the redecorated room. • No judgment: Unsure of your taste in home design? There are no right answers in Décor Life, and nobody to correct your choices at the end of each level. You get to select the designs and furnishings you want and judge their success on your own terms, so there’s nothing to stop you relaxing and getting the maximum pleasure out of letting your design fantasy run free. • A place for absolutely everything: When it comes to unboxing, you never know what you’re going to find. Can you work out where best to place a drum kit, a safe, a beautiful still life, or any number of other unique and individual items that are looking for the right home in your new room? • Anywhere on the map: the home design map opens up for you. No need to play levels in order, you can get decorating anywhere you want to in the game by exploring all the different rooms on the map. ► RENOVATION TIME Let your creativity run wild in this imaginative and original decorating game where you’re free to make your own interior choices and admire the results of your design labors in a relaxing and open gaming environment. Got an insatiable taste for home improvement? Then download Decor Life now and get renovating. More


Developer: SayGames LTD
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Version: 1.0.8
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Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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