Rhythm Hive: All-New Chapter

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An all-new rhythm hive! Check out the artists' live scorecards, plus new playable singles and unit songs now! ▶HYBE Official Rhythm Hive Rhythm Game◀ ▶ BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN and Seventeen music as a rhythm game! Enjoy the artist's folk songs in full and short versions! Latest News + You can also play singles and unit songs! See all the latest songs like Butter, Magic, Upper Side Dreamin', Darl+ing, and more! ▶ Create your own diary with the artist! Have you tried to stick different stickers? Visit random Diaries and leave your name on the Diary Ranking! From the album cover to the cute and cool look of the artist, create a theme for your diary and decorate it with stickers! ▶ UR voice and and message cards that can only be found in Rhythm Hive + a live moving cards that have never been seen anywhere. The highest-rated card update that allows you to check out the voice card recorded by your favorite artist and the newly added moving figure in the message ▶ Card drawing tickets starting today! Get a ticket to draw a card and pick any performance cards that you want anytime! ▶ From debut to the present, various images of your favorite artists in the form of card! Collect the cards to level UP! Rhythm Hive's exclusive selfie card! Don't miss it! ▶ From login rewards to quest rewards, accumulate the rewards just by playing! Play the rhythm game now, and get all kinds of rewards for free! ▶ Special rewards for Weverse users! Get all the special rewards by linking your account with BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, and SEVENTEEN Weverse! ▶ Mission Update for Newcomers! The Rhythm Hive Guide for new Hivers! Learn the game, get rewards, and have a great time! [Smartphone App Access Permission Notice] Rhythm Hive requires access to the following to provide its services. [Required] 1. Storage: For reading and storing game data. [Optional] 1. Camera: Required to take photos/videos to upload. 2. Photos/media/files: Required to store videos and upload photo/videos. *Choosing not to allow optional access permissions will still let you use the app. [How to Deny Access Permission] -Settings > Privacy > Select Permission manager > Allow or deny permission. *App permissions are used for playing the game only and are not used for any other purposes. [Product Information and Terms] ※ A separate fee is charged for purchasing paid content. ▶ Payment amounts and methods are separately announced and are different for each product. (The actual charged amount may differ for foreign currencies depending on the exchange rate, fee, etc.) ▶ Product terms and periods are announced separately in the game. ▶ You can purchase the subscription product via in-app purchase, and the transaction is made each month from the date of your first purchase until you cancel the subscription. ※ If you don't cancel the subscription within 24 hours before the next transaction day, it is renewed automatically, and the cancellation is handled in accordance with the Market's cancellation policy. [Contact] HYBE IM Co., Ltd Privacy Policy: https://rhythmhive.hybecorp.com/app/rhythmhive/privacy Terms of Service: https://rhythmhive.hybecorp.com/app/rhythmhive/terms More


Developer: HYBE IM Co.,Ltd.
Supplier: HYBE IM Co.,Ltd.
Date of Issue:
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Bundle ID: com.superb.rhv
Version: 4.0.7
The size of: 240 M
Family Sharing: Yes
Category: Music
Compatibility: 須使用 iOS 11.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。
Support languages: 丹麥文,俄文,克羅地亞文,加泰羅尼亞文,匈牙利文,北印度文,印尼文,土耳其文,巴克摩挪威文,希伯來文,希臘文,德文,意大利文,捷克文,斯洛伐克文,日文,法文,波蘭文,泰文,烏克蘭文,瑞典文,簡體中文,繁體中文,羅馬尼亞文,芬蘭文,英文,荷蘭文,葡萄牙文,西班牙文,越南文,阿拉伯文,韓文,馬來文
Support Country/Region: Taiwan, China,China Hong Kong,Macao, China,Tajikistan,Pakistan,Denmark,Monserrate,Greece,Slovenia,Democratic Republic of Congo,Netherlands,Nigeria,Cayman Islands,Tunisia,Mali,Cape Verde,Singapore,Ghana,France,Uganda,Salvador,Bahamas,Bolivia,Kazakhstan,New Zealand,Congo,Australia,Belgium,Portugal,Albania,Belarus,Colombia,The British Virgin Islands,Croatia,Sweden,Brunei,Madagascar,Cyprus,Russia,Turks and Caicos Islands,Uruguay,Namibia,Federated States of Micronesia,Zimbabwe,Guinea-Bissau,South Africa,Mongolia,Czech Republic,Norway,Jordan,Trinidad and Tobago,Malawi,Nicaragua,Niger,Peru,Romania,Swaziland,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Saudi Arabia,Azerbaijan,Indonesia,Luxembourg,Tanzania,Algeria,Angola,Slovakia,Kyrgyzstan,Guatemala,Venezuela,Mauritius,Seychelles,Armenia,Belize,Egypt,Senegal,Yemen,Mauritania,Honduras,Finland,Iceland,Ireland,Poland,Estonia,Chad,Liberia,United Arab Emirates,Costa Rica,Latvia,Ukraine,Japan,Benin,Papua New Guinea,Saint Lucia,Mexico,Argentina,Philippines,Austria,Malta,Qatar,Sierra Leone,Chile,Macedonia,Panama,Antigua and Barbuda,United States,Thailand,Sri Lanka,Bahrain,Uzbekistan,Botswana,Iraq,Korea,Malaysia,Suriname,Kenya,Bermuda,Barbados,Myanmar,Grenada,Jamaica,Nepal,Moldova,Oman,Dominican,Burkina Faso,Paraguay,Bulgaria,Sao Tome and Principe,Bhutan,Morocco,Anguilla,United Kingdom,Canada,Georgia,Brazil,Laos,Turkmenistan,Lebanon,Israel,Kuwait,Germany,Cambodia,Fiji Islands,Palau,Guyana,Gambia,Vietnam,Lithuania,Solomon Islands,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Mozambique,Ecuador,Italy,India,Switzerland,Turkey,Hungary,Spain,Maldives,Serbia,Dominica,Cote d'Ivoire,Zambia
Content Ratings: 4+

In-App Purchases

Hive Pass : BTS TESTHK$ 38.00

Hive Gems 121HK$ 68.00

Hive Gems 25HK$ 15.00

Hive Gems 62HK$ 38.00

Hive Gems 300HK$ 158.00

Hive Gems 637HK$ 318.00

Hive Gems 1526HK$ 688.00

Jewel Pack 520HK$ 248.00

Jewel Pack 1640HK$ 688.00

Hive Pass : BTSHK$ 38.00