Sniper Champions - Gun Range

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Set your sights on victory in the ultimate sniper showdown! Master the “Art of the Bullseye” by quickly hitting targets in a competition where every round offers a new challenge. Do you have what it take to be the Sniper Champion? ► SKILLFUL SNIPER ACTION • Take aim on a variety of shooting ranges full of unique targets and challenges. • Compete 1-on-1 against other players from all over the world. • Hone your skills to quickly rack up points like a pro. ► PvP COMPETITION • Challenge real players in head-to-head snipe-offs. • Climb the ranks to become the Sniper Champion of your league, and eventually the world! • Join and compete in global Tournaments that will put your sniping skills to the test. ► DOZENS OF GUNS & CUSTOMIZATIONS • Unlock and level up flashy new rifles to fine-tune your targeting and power. • Pick up the right pieces of flair to give your character a unique look and feel. If you love shooting, you'll love Sniper Champions. See how fun it is to become a master marksman! _____________________________________________ Visit our official site at Check out the new blog at Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: End-User License Agreement: More


Developer: Gameloft
Supplier: Gameloft
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Bundle ID: com.ludigames.sniperchampions
Version: 1.3.5
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Category: Sports
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Compatibility: 須使用 iOS 12.5 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。
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Content Ratings: 12+

In-App Purchases

Silver StashHK$ 38.00

Pile of TokensHK$ 8.00

Season Pass Premium PlusHK$ 78.00

Champions BundleHK$ 78.00

Trainee BundleHK$ 15.00

Gold StashHK$ 78.00

Ultimate Trainee BundleHK$ 83.00

Box of TokensHK$ 38.00

Top-Secret Case of TokensHK$ 38.00

Trigger-Happy BundleHK$ 23.00