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Love, heritage, and betrayal put together in one mysterious puzzle. Maddie’s grandmother has something to tell. This mansion is full of stories unheard of! Help Maddie discover what her grandma has to reveal about the family's adventurous past. Wipe off the dust and find new items, merge them into useful tools and earn surprising treasures. You never know what awaits behind the mansion's next corner. Unlock new areas within and around the Mansion, unveiling decade old family secrets on the way. With an abundant combination of items to discover and hundreds of engaging puzzles to solve, the Mansion makes sure it always has new secrets waiting for you. Features: DISCOVER – Be it a shocking twist in the Grandma's past or a mysterious room in the Mansion cellar, there are always new things to look out for. MERGE – Combine what you have into more useful tools. Can a rusty old shovel and a broken lantern come in handy? You betcha. RELAX – Good vibes only, although there are some twisted secrets ahead. EASY TO LEARN - Anyone can learn how to play this simple and intuitive game. PLAY FOR A WHILE OR FOR LONG – Have a quick merge minute here and there, or become absorbed into an engaging merge marathon. While Maddie’s journey into her Grandma's mysterious past has just begun, there’s already a bunch of thrilling updates waiting to expand the story. We guarantee that Merge Mansion keeps surprising you merge after merge, month after month. – It’s time to kick off your journey, the mysterious Merge Mansion awaits. – Want to contact us? Our door is open at [email protected] Questions about the game? Our support is ready to answer at [email protected] Follow Maddie and Grandma on instagram: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: More


Developer: Metacore Games Oy
Supplier: Metacore Games Oy
Date of Issue:
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Bundle ID: com.everywear.game5
Version: 22.06.02
The size of: 423 M
Family Sharing: Yes
Category: Puzzle
Compatibility: 須使用 iOS 13.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。
Support languages: 英文
Support Country/Region: India,Spain,United States,Luxembourg,Belgium,Finland,Italy,Hungary,Ireland,Albania,Canada,Pakistan,South Africa,Denmark,Bulgaria,United Kingdom,Indonesia,Czech Republic,Ghana,Switzerland,Estonia,Vietnam,Latvia,Greece,Austria,Poland,Sweden,Ukraine,Germany,Iceland,Seychelles,Brazil,Romania,France,Nigeria,Senegal,Macedonia,Israel,Singapore,Jordan,Turkey,Malaysia,Slovenia,Mauritania,Belarus,Congo,Egypt,Kuwait,Monserrate,Mali,Nepal,Slovakia,Norway,Portugal,Moldova,Kenya,Madagascar,Lithuania,Russia,Korea,Kazakhstan,Oman,Azerbaijan,Bahrain,Chile,Australia,Thailand,Mexico,Algeria,Armenia,Uganda,Netherlands,Croatia,Philippines,Qatar,Turks and Caicos Islands,Cambodia,Guyana,Tunisia,Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates,Suriname,Angola,Turkmenistan,Argentina,Uzbekistan,Zimbabwe,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Jamaica,Sri Lanka,New Zealand,Trinidad and Tobago,Cyprus,Brunei,Burkina Faso,Barbados,China Hong Kong,Tajikistan,Laos,Benin,Bahamas,Sierra Leone,Panama,Namibia,Guinea-Bissau,Mongolia,Mauritius,Taiwan, China,Japan,Kyrgyzstan,Chad,Macao, China,Malta,Botswana,Cape Verde,Mozambique,Niger,Swaziland,Malawi,Gambia,Sao Tome and Principe,Yemen,Liberia,Tanzania,Lebanon,Palau,Solomon Islands,Papua New Guinea,Bolivia,Colombia,Cayman Islands,Ecuador,Uruguay,Costa Rica,Anguilla,Bermuda,Antigua and Barbuda,The British Virgin Islands,Federated States of Micronesia,Guatemala,Belize,Bhutan,Fiji Islands,Paraguay,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Dominican,Nicaragua,Saint Lucia,Salvador,Venezuela,Grenada,Dominica,Honduras,Peru,Morocco,Democratic Republic of Congo,Georgia,Iraq,Myanmar,Serbia,Maldives,Cote d'Ivoire,Zambia
Content Ratings: 4+

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