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全新一站式醫院管理局手機程式「HA Go」,綜合多個醫管局應用程式,加設貼心新功能,讓病人能更有效管理就醫安排及護理健康。「HA Go」提供多項功能,例如: • 預約紀錄 病人可查詢過去一年和未來的診症紀錄。 • 預約通(預約專科門診新症) 市民可透過此平台,遞交下列專科門診新症預約的申請,包括內科、心胸外科、外科、耳鼻喉科、兒科、骨科、神經外科、眼科、產科、婦科、麻醉科(痛症科門診)和臨床腫瘤科。 • 繳費 病人可透過此平台繳付醫療費用及查閱賬單。此平台也提供其他支付選項,包括「掃描付款」和「顯示便利店付款條碼」。 • 康復 病人可透過此程式,根據治療師處方設計的康復訓練方案(影片、遊戲等多媒體功能),在家中或社區隨時隨地進行康復練習。 • 藥物 病人可透過此程式,輕易找到配藥紀錄、藥物詳細資訊和過敏紀錄。 「HA Go」將陸續推出新功能。 「HA Go」提供中文及英文版本 "HA Go" is a new one-stop app developed by the Hospital Authority (HA) integrating several HA apps with new useful features and functions. HA Go facilitates patients to manage healthcare more effectively at their fingertips. The following examples are features now covered by “HA Go” : • My Appointments Patient can review upcoming appointments and attendance records in the past one year. • BookHA (Book Specialist Outpatient Clinic) HA Go provides a platform for the public to submit application for Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOPC) new case appointment. It covers the specialties of Anaesthesiology (Pain Clinic), Cardiothoracic Surgery, Clinical Oncology, Ear, Nose and Throat, Eye, Gynaecology, Medicine, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics, Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Paediatrics, and Surgery. • Pay HA HA Go provides another platform for patients to pay fees and charges. The mobile application would also provide the information of bills. This platform would also offer other payment options, including “Scan and Pay” and “Barcode for convenience stores”. • Rehab Patient on rehabilitation programme can follow instruction and carry out exercises prescribed and designed by therapists anywhere anytime at home or in community at their own choice. Programme is available in form of multimedia materials including videos and games. • Medication This platform helps patients find their dispensing records, drug information and allergy records. More new features in HA Go will be available in the near future. "HA Go" is available in Chinese and English. More


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Version: 1.6.7
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