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Boost your personal growth with key insights from the world’s best books on Productivity, Business, Negotiation, Money, Health, Love, Investment, and more. Busy schedule? Well, no wordy books here — only 15-minutes summaries and inspiring widgets to keep you motivated on the journey to your better self! WHAT DO READERS LOVE ABOUT HEADWAY? “This app really got me reading more every night before going to bed) I like the variety of books and topics!” — Rana Eldars “Great concept, cool UI/UX, the right thing for my busy lifestyle, really love it!” — Denys Moskalenko “This app is amazingly easy for me because I can't really read when working or drive; however I can listen all day long at night. When a topic isn't clear I get my eye on it for improving my reading skills.” — Carlos Vieira HOW DOES HEADWAY MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER? • Audio version for each summary No extra time needed — get the book’s key points while commuting, working out, scrolling the newsfeed, or doing your everyday routine. • Actionable insights Advice and ideas on how to live the life you want. • Spaced Repetition feature Recall technique that helps your brain to keep book insights in memory. • Widgets Inspiring widgets to stay motivated about your achieving life goals. • In-app Look Up New words check without breaking reading flow. • Reading habit builder Non-stressing notification system. WHY SHOULD YOU START READING HEADWAY? From harmony in your personal life to success at work — try out Headway and get actionable tips and techniques from the world's best nonfiction books. It's time to achieve anything in just 15 minutes! — To suggest an idea about how to make your reading and education with Headway better, please send an email to [email protected] More


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Developer Account Website: https://apps.get-headway.com/
Compatibility: 須使用 iOS 13.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。
Support languages: 英文,西班牙文
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