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The HSBC UK Mobile Banking app has been created specially to help our UK customers do their everyday banking on the move. Download it today and you can: • Log on quickly and securely with Face ID or Touch ID • Make payments and check your balances on the go • Deposit cheques by simply scanning them on your phone • Block, report lost and order a replacement card • View and cancel standing orders and Direct Debits How to log on to Mobile Banking • If you’re registered for HSBC Online Banking, you can use your existing details • If you’re not yet registered, simply download the app, accept the terms and conditions then select ‘Register for mobile and online banking’ Access all your essential banking services on the go. Download the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app today. Want to know more? Log on quickly and securely Face ID and Touch ID mean you can use your face or fingerprint to quickly log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app, without having to enter a password. Once you’re logged on, our Digital Secure Key gives you added protection against the threat of fraud. To authorise transactions, you just generate a code using a PIN or password or with Face ID or Touch ID on supported devices. Move money The HSBC UK Mobile Banking app lets you send money to family or friends using their account details or mobile number. Pay bills with pre-populated bank details for hundreds of major businesses. And instantly move money between your personal accounts. Credit/Debit Card Activation Activating a credit or debit card is easy, simply log on, select manage cards, then activate following the instructions. Mobile statements With the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app you can securely access your current account, savings and credit card statements 24/7 via the 'Account details' menu. Mobile cheque deposits The HSBC UK Mobile Banking app lets you pay in cheques without going to a branch by selecting the account, entering the value then scanning the front and back of the cheque. Please keep any cheques until they show in your account. Daily limits apply. Block your card Ever lost your card, only for it to turn up the moment you cancelled it? With the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app you can place a temporary block on your card with just a few taps, and it stays blocked until you unblock it, or report it lost or stolen. Balance After Bills Balance After Bills helps you plan your finances from one payday to the next. It shows you how much you could have left for the month ahead, once scheduled bills like standing orders, Direct Debits, credit cards, loans and mortgages are taken into account. Live chat Need help or assistance? Select 'Chat with us' in the Support menu and, if you’re a Digital Secure Key user, we’ll send you an alert when we reply. So you're free to get on with your day. Gambling restriction You can choose to restrict transactions made to gambling businesses, such as casinos and online betting companies, and recurring transactions such as The Postcode Lottery. The block only applies to individual cards held in your name. This App is designed for use in the United Kingdom. The products and services described in this App are intended for UK customers. This App is provided by HSBC UK Bank Plc ('HSBC UK') for the use of existing customers of HSBC UK. Please do not download this App if you are not an existing customer of HSBC UK.HSBC UK is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you are outside the UK, we may not be authorised to offer or provide you with the products and services available through this App in the country or region where you are located or resident in. This App is not intended for distribution, download or use by any person in any jurisdiction, country or region where the distribution, download or use of this material is restricted and would not be permitted by law or regulation. More


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